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The Christian Center for the Development of People with Disabilities, located in the district of Maesariang, is an organization under the Christian Service Foundation (Baptist). It was the idea of a group of missionary doctors and nurses who had previously worked in three districts of Maehongson Province (Maesariang, Soep Muay, and Mae La Noi).  An interview was done with patients and people with disabilities who lived in rural areas and had no opportunity for care and development. For the most part these people were overlooked by their communities to the point of sometimes even being hidden away from the community.  This disregard for people with disabilities grew out of their beliefs, background and customs which caused them to have a very difficult life.  This group of disabled people are ethnic minorities and live in distant villages; they are poor and have little opportunity to access services of any kind from the government.  Therefore in 2001 the aforementioned team began an initiative called Community Based Rehabilitation Program with a group of Christians, whose leader had studied psychology and lived in this area.

The Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBRP) team went to villages and provided services for the person with disabilities and his/her family.  The services were easily accessible with staff made up of professionals who could teach, advise, and protect the rights of people with disabilities. Presently, the project is a Christian organization serving people with disabilities and has activities in more than fifty villages in four districts of Maehongson Province (Mae La Noi, SoepMoey, Khun Yuam, Maesariang).  The center provides services that encourage and develop the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families.  The center staff work in a proactive and non-discriminatory manner with the following goals: 1) to have each person with a disability reach their full potential in all areas, 2) to build networks of people with disabilities, and 3) to have people with disabilities have a good quality of life which includes the ability to be part of society in a way that is equitable and without discrimination


  1. To encourage and develop the quality of life of people with disabilities in the areas of medical treatment, education, employment and sports; to ensure that people with disabilities have a place in society and receive the benefits that they have a right to
  2. To spread knowledge and education and give information that is appropriate and is useful to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers
  3. To promote cooperation and coordination between organizations and associations who work with people with disabilities or that have similar goals
  4. To contact and build relationships with organizations within and outside of Thailand who have similar goals and concerns in the development of the quality of life of people with disabilities
  5. Service units will ensure that people with disabilities have access to rights and opportunities and will encourage the development of the quality of life of people with disabilities in the areas of treatment, education, employment and sports.  People living with disabilities in Maehongson will have a place in society.  
  6. To proceed to do this in cooperation with other organizations to provide charity and social benefits.
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